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As one of America‚Äôs most desirable cities to live in, San Diego will always captivate potential buyers. Perhaps more importantly, the San Diego housing market has a healthy demand, meaning investors will find conditions encouraging. As it stands, Zillow has already projected a 1.7% increase in housing prices over the next 12 months. Everything points to San Diego having an extremely healthy market that favors neither buyers nor sellers. Despite rapid appreciation, San Diego is heading in the right direction. The good news for buyers: Interest rates remain low and prices appear to be stabilizing.

Due to the low average amount of days San Diego homes remain on the market, those looking to sell are in a great position. Despite increases in inventory, highly desirable propertes continue to sell quickly, forcing buyers to act fast. That said; now is not the time for investors to sit on the sidelines. The San Diego housing market is incredibly hot. Perhaps even more encouragingly, the local real estate market is becoming more balanced.